Minnesota United FC

Minnesota United FC, affectionately known as ‘The Loons,’ have been a vibrant part of Major League Soccer (MLS) since its inception in 2017. The team, hailing from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” has had a journey marked by resilience and relentless ambition.

Their 2019 U.S. Open Cup run was a testimony to the team’s fighting spirit, reaching the final in an epic showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats. Besides this, the club’s consistent performances in the MLS have seen them regularly secure spots in the playoffs, showcasing their prowess and potential.

Stars in the Making: The Loons’ Luminaries

Every team has its legends, and Minnesota United FC is no different. Some iconic figures have graced the pitch wearing the Loon’s crest.

Emanuel Reynoso, the Argentinian wizard, honed his skills at Boca Juniors before lighting up Allianz Field with his dazzling playmaking abilities. His creativity and flair have been instrumental in shaping the attacking threat of Minnesota United.

Osvaldo Alonso, a former Seattle Sounders stalwart, brought his immense experience and tenacity to the heart of Minnesota’s midfield, fortifying the team’s core and leaving a significant impact.

Thrilling Showdowns: The Rivalries That Matter

Soccer thrives on the heart-thumping adrenaline that only a good rivalry can induce. Minnesota United FC’s rivalry with Sporting Kansas City, often dubbed the ‘Nicest Rivalry in Sports,’ is one that fans anticipate eagerly. This friendly competitiveness adds an extra layer of excitement to every matchup.

But it doesn’t stop there. Minnesota also has a pulsating rivalry with Atlanta United FC, a competition that kicked off during their inaugural season in the MLS.

The team has also faced off against global giants in international friendlies and competitions, including the likes of Club León from Mexico’s Liga MX, giving fans a taste of world-class soccer action.

Allianz Field: A Spectator’s Paradise

Located in Saint Paul, Allianz Field is more than just a stadium; it’s the beating heart of Minnesota United FC. This architectural marvel boasts several seating sections to accommodate every type of fan.

For those seeking an affordable yet exhilarating matchday experience, the ‘Wonderwall’ supporter section, priced around $25-$35, is the place to be. Here, you’ll be in the midst of the most passionate Loons’ fans, cheering and chanting in unison.

For a more luxurious experience, try the ‘Field Club’ or ‘Director’s Box,’ where tickets range from $210 to $360. Here, you’ll enjoy exclusive amenities, prime viewing locations, and a game-day experience like no other.

Closing Time: Be Part of the Action

If there’s one thing to take away from the tale of Minnesota United FC, it’s that the club is more than just a soccer team; it’s a community. From their inspiring journey in the MLS, the iconic players who’ve graced their pitch, and the rivalries that set fans’ pulses racing, to the majestic Allianz Field, there’s so much to love about the Loons.

So why not become part of this incredible story? Grab a ticket to a Minnesota United FC game, find your perfect spot at Allianz Field, and join the ranks of the Loons’ faithful. You won’t just be watching a soccer match; you’ll be living a piece of soccer history.

Tie it All Together

  • “Loons” Nickname Origin: The team’s nickname, the Loons, is a reference to the state bird of Minnesota, the common loon. This bird is known for its distinct call, which has become a symbol of the state’s natural beauty.
  • First Goal in MLS: The first goal in the history of Minnesota United FC in the MLS was scored by Johan Venegas in a match against the Portland Timbers in 2017.
  • Stadium Design: Allianz Field was specifically designed for soccer and features a bowl-shaped design that keeps the noise from the crowd in, contributing to a more exciting atmosphere during games.
  • Community Dedication: The team is involved in several community initiatives. They launched a program called “United for Good” to give back to their local community, focusing on inclusivity, diversity, and youth soccer development.
  • Academy Program: Minnesota United FC has a strong academy program designed to develop young talent and hopefully provide players for their first team in the future.
  • Major League Growth: The team had its roots in the North American Soccer League (NASL) before making the jump to the MLS, demonstrating a clear growth trajectory.
  • Former Players: Apart from Reynoso and Alonso, other notable players like Darwin Quintero, known as “The Scientist of the Goal,” have also had a significant impact on the team’s success.
  • Mascot: The team’s mascot is a loon named PK, which is often present at home games to interact with fans and contribute to the festive atmosphere.