Philadelphia Union

Once upon a time in the City of Brotherly Love, a soccer team was born. In 2008, the Philadelphia Union made its grand entrance into Major League Soccer, painting the town navy blue and gold. With the roaring crowd at Subaru Park and an intense passion for the game, the Union has carved out a niche in the American soccer landscape that simply can’t be ignored.

February 24
04:58 am
February 24, Sat, 04:58 am
Subaru Park - Chester
February 25
12:30 am
February 25, Sun, 12:30 am
Subaru Park - Chester
February 28
01:15 am
February 28, Wed, 01:15 am
Subaru Park - Chester
March 10
12:00 am
March 10, Sun, 12:00 am
Subaru Park - Chester
March 17
12:30 am
March 17, Sun, 12:30 am
Q2 Stadium - Austin
March 24
02:30 am
March 24, Sun, 02:30 am
Providence Park - Portland
March 30
06:00 pm
March 30, Sat, 06:00 pm
Subaru Park - Chester
April 07
12:30 am
April 07, Sun, 12:30 am
Geodis Park - Nashville
April 14
06:30 pm
April 14, Sun, 06:30 pm
Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta
April 27
11:30 pm
April 27, Sat, 11:30 pm
Subaru Park - Chester

A Stampede Through Time

The Union’s arrival on the MLS stage was nothing short of impressive. In their debut season, they played with a tenacity that demonstrated they were here to stay. With two U.S. Open Cup finals under their belt and a proud victory in the 2020 MLS Supporters’ Shield, Philadelphia Union has made a name for itself as a formidable competitor.

From Near and Far: Our Global All-Stars

Over the years, the Philadelphia Union has welcomed an impressive lineup of talent from around the globe. Some notable mentions include Carlos Ruiz, the former Union forward who scored crucial goals for Guatemala in international competition, and American defender Oguchi Onyewu who represented the US in two World Cup tournaments and also plied his trade in some of Europe’s top clubs including AC Milan and Newcastle United.

Unleashing the Rivalry

The competitive energy in MLS is as hot as it gets. When the Union plays against D.C. United or the New York Red Bulls, fans are guaranteed a heated match. These rivalries have grown from hard-fought games, with the stakes always high and bragging rights on the line.

Internationally, the Union has also taken on some major competitors in the Concacaf Champions League. Games against Deportivo Saprissa from Costa Rica and Club América from Mexico have presented unforgettable moments of soccer magic.

Subaru Park: The Heart of the Union

Located on the stunning Chester waterfront, Subaru Park is where the action happens. With a seating capacity for 18,500 supporters, this stadium offers a range of options to suit any budget or experience preferred.

For those seeking affordability, seats in the ‘Supporters Section’ start at around $30. This area is home to the Sons of Ben, the most dedicated Union fans who chant, cheer, and create a lively atmosphere all game long.

On the other hand, the Midfield seats at about $55 offer a panoramic view of the action. Here, you’ll be able to appreciate the tactical battles and individual skills on display.

If luxury is what you’re after, ‘Club Seats’ at $90 are the way to go. Located at the midfield line, this option includes access to the Stadium Club with private restrooms, exclusive food options, and a climate-controlled environment.

It’s Game Time

The Philadelphia Union has cemented its place as a driving force in American soccer. From intense rivalries to the heroes that grace the pitch, every Union game is a spectacle to behold. Subaru Park, with its electrifying atmosphere and broad range of seating options, offers a unique experience for every type of soccer fan.

Whether you’re a seasoned soccer spectator or a newcomer to the sport, attending a Philadelphia Union game will leave you enthralled. Each match tells a story, a drama unfolds, and heroes are born. Don’t just watch the game; live it. There’s always an open seat at Subaru Park waiting for you. Don’t miss out on the magic. Join the Union Army and feel the thrill of MLS soccer at its best. It’s more than just a game; it’s a lifetime experience.

The End Will Never Be

  • The name “Union” holds significance: The name “Philadelphia Union” pays tribute to the unity and strength of the 13 original colonies, of which Philadelphia was the first capital.
  • Unique Mascot: The team’s mascot is a snake named “Phang,” and it’s a nod to the “Join, or Die” political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin. The snake has since been used to symbolize American unity and defiance.
  • Youth Development Focus: Philadelphia Union is widely recognized for its commitment to youth development. The club’s Academy has produced many players who have gone on to sign professional contracts with the team.
  • Community Engagement: The Philadelphia Union Foundation, the team’s charitable arm, engages in various community outreach initiatives. The foundation focuses on providing opportunities for children through sports-based youth development.
  • Bimbo Sponsorship: The team’s jerseys are sponsored by Bimbo Bakeries USA. This has led to some humorous commentary, as “bimbo” has a different connotation in English than in Spanish. In Spanish, it’s a leading multinational bakery product manufacturing company.
  • Sons of Ben: Before the Union even became an official team, the Sons of Ben supporters’ group was formed to help bring an MLS team to Philadelphia. They’ve been an integral part of the Union’s culture and are known for their vibrant presence at Subaru Park.
  • Unprecedented Success: Philadelphia Union’s capture of the 2020 Supporters’ Shield was particularly noteworthy because it was the club’s first major trophy in its history, a testament to the growth and development of the team over the years.
  • Subaru Park’s Environmental Credentials: Subaru Park is known for its ‘green’ credentials. It was the first soccer-specific stadium in the U.S to be entirely powered by solar energy. It is adorned with 11 wind turbines and 2,500 solar panels.