San Jose Earthquakes

San Jose Earthquakes are a staple in the world of MLS Soccer, tracing back their lineage to the foundation of the league in 1996. Over the decades, the Earthquakes have made their home city proud, clinching the MLS Cup on two occasions and topping the Supporters’ Shield table twice. The radiant glow of the Earthquakes’ legacy illuminates the past, present, and future of MLS.

From Whence They Came: A Quake’s Journey

One of the most striking aspects of the Earthquakes’ roster is the array of talent that has graced their squad from across the globe. Take Chris Wondolowski, for example, an Earthquake legend who plied his trade with the club for more than a decade, becoming the league’s all-time top scorer. Wondo, as fans affectionately call him, cemented his place in Quakes folklore with his striking ability and loyalty to the club.

Another standout is Landon Donovan, one of the brightest stars in U.S. soccer history, who kick-started his illustrious career at the Earthquakes before jetting off to the Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen and later becoming a sensation at LA Galaxy.

Of Friend and Foe: The Tectonic Plates of Rivalry

Few things in sports rival the thrill of an intense derby, and for the Earthquakes, the California Clasico against LA Galaxy stands out. This rivalry has its roots steeped in a history of competitive clashes and exciting comebacks, adding an extra layer of excitement to the MLS season.

Internationally, the Earthquakes have had their fair share of encounters with teams in the CONCACAF Champions League. Notable fixtures include battles against Toluca from Liga MX and Canada’s Montreal Impact, which showcased the Earthquakes on a broader stage.

Your Seat in PayPal Park

PayPal Park, the Earthquakes’ home turf, is a spectacular venue that elevates the soccer experience. The supporters’ section, lovingly known as the Epicenter, is where you’ll find the most passionate Quakes fans. Tickets in this section are reasonably priced around $25 to $35, making it an affordable option for dedicated fans.

For a more luxurious experience, the Stadium Club offers a perfect vantage point for the game, complete with in-seat food and beverage service. Expect to shell out about $115 per ticket for this premium experience.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a balance between affordability and comfort, consider the Upper Sideline. With tickets averaging around $40, you’ll get an excellent view of the pitch without breaking the bank.

Feel the Quake: Join the Excitement

There’s no better time to experience the rush of an Earthquakes game. From the thrilling history of the team to the bustling atmosphere at PayPal Park, each game is a spectacle that leaves you wanting more. As we head deeper into the season, there’s an electricity in the air. Can you feel the tremor? That’s the San Jose Earthquakes, shaking up the MLS and leaving their mark. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this seismic soccer experience. The game is calling. Will you answer?

More to Come

  • First MLS team to build a Soccer-Specific Stadium: San Jose Earthquakes became the first team in the MLS to build a soccer-specific stadium, Buck Shaw Stadium, way back in 2008. The team now plays at PayPal Park, which was inaugurated in 2015.
  • Change of Name and Colors: The team was originally named the San Jose Clash when MLS started in 1996. They changed to their current name, San Jose Earthquakes, in 2000. The team’s colors have also changed over the years, with the current colors being black and blue.
  • Community Involvement: The Earthquakes have a strong commitment to community service. The club is involved in various charitable activities in the San Jose area and has won MLS awards for its efforts.
  • Goalmouth Scoring Record: The Earthquakes set an MLS record by scoring the most goals from inside the goalmouth (6-yard box) during their 2012 season.
  • Youth Development: The Earthquakes operate one of the most successful youth academies in the MLS, developing local talent and providing a pathway for young players to the professional team.
  • Quakes Mascot: The team’s official mascot is named “Q”, an anthropomorphic blue soccer ball. Q can often be found entertaining fans during games and participating in community events around San Jose.
  • International Player Connection: Many international players have also been a part of the Earthquakes squad, including players from England, Brazil, Sweden, and many other countries, highlighting the global reach of the team.