Portland Timbers

Venturing into the realm of Portland Timbers is akin to exploring a lush, historic forest, rich with exciting tales and remarkable achievements. Ever since the team joined the MLS ranks in 2011, they’ve carved out a niche of their own, lifting the coveted MLS Cup in 2015 and securing their place in the soccer annals.

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Stars Who’ve Sported the Green and Gold

Many outstanding footballers have donned the Timbers’ green and gold. Take Darlington Nagbe, for example, who lit up Providence Park before carrying his dynamism to Atlanta United and Columbus Crew. And who can forget Diego Valeri, the Argentine magician who enchanted the MLS with his finesse and skill before taking his talents to Club Atlético Lanús?

Rivalries that Fuel the Fire

Portland Timbers’ rivalries are as thrilling as they are diverse. In the MLS, the Cascadia Cup pits them against Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps, a trio of epic contests that electrify the Pacific Northwest. The Timbers’ battles with LA Galaxy are also the stuff of legend, as the two teams vie for West Coast supremacy.

Venturing beyond MLS, the Timbers have grappled with formidable foes from Mexico’s Liga MX, like Club América and Tigres UANL in the CONCACAF Champions League. These high-stakes matches intertwine different footballing philosophies, offering a unique spectacle that’s nothing short of exhilarating.

Finding Your Perfect Perch at Providence Park

Providence Park is more than a stadium; it’s the pulsating heart of Portland Timbers’ football. The general admission Timbers Army section, with tickets averaging $37, offers an immersive and electrifying experience for supporters looking to be part of the famous “Timbers Army.”

If you’re after a mid-range experience, the KeyBank Club offers excellent sideline views for around $80 per ticket. For those seeking premium comfort, the Tanner Ridge section offers a luxurious viewing experience, with padded seats and access to a private club. A seat in this section will set you back about $155, but the experience is worth every penny.

Join the Timber’s Army

There’s an electrifying rush in the air at every Portland Timbers match. Each goal, each save, and each triumphant roar of the crowd etches a new memory into the storied history of this proud team. Why just hear about these moments when you can live them? The new season beckons and there’s no better time to secure your seat at Providence Park. Stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow supporters, become a part of the Timbers’ Army, and let the beautiful game sweep you away! After all, watching the Timbers play isn’t just about soccer; it’s about joining a community, an army, and becoming part of an ongoing legacy of sporting passion. So, what are you waiting for?

The Story Goes On

  • The team’s name, the “Timbers,” is a nod to Portland’s logging industry heritage and the Pacific Northwest’s rich forest landscape.
  • The team mascot is a lumberjack named “Timber Joey.” After each goal scored by the Timbers at home, Timber Joey revs up his chainsaw and cuts off a slice of a log, which is known as a “round.” The round is then presented to the goal scorer after the match.
  • The Timbers have a robust youth development program, which includes their Timbers Academy and the T2 team that competes in the United Soccer League (USL).
  • The team’s supporter group, the Timbers Army, is one of the most active and vocal in the MLS. They’re known for their incredible tifo displays, large-scale banners, and passionate chants.
  • In 2011, the Timbers’ first year in the MLS, they set a league record by selling out every home game of their season.
  • Providence Park, the Timbers’ home ground, underwent a significant renovation in 2019, adding approximately 4,000 seats and improving facilities for a better fan experience.
  • The Portland Timbers were originally a team in the North American Soccer League (NASL), which was active from 1968 to 1984. The current MLS team pays homage to this history by using the same name and similar team colors.
  • The Timbers’ rivalry with the Seattle Sounders, known as the Cascadia Cup, is one of the oldest soccer rivalries in the United States. It began in 1975 when both teams were part of the NASL.
  • The Timbers have a unique goal celebration tradition. After each goal scored at home, a “victory log” is cut and a slab is presented to the goal scorer.
  • Notable alumni of the Portland Timbers include Clive Charles, a former Timbers player who became a renowned college soccer coach, and Mick Hoban, the first player signed by the Timbers, who has also served in various management positions within the team organization.