Seattle Sounders FC

Seattle Sounders FC, founded in 2007, has become one of the biggest names in Major League Soccer (MLS). Their entry into the league in 2009 opened a new chapter in Seattle’s rich soccer tradition and led to a phenomenon of fervent fandom. With multiple U.S. Open Cup titles, Supporters’ Shield, and a couple of MLS Cup championships under their belt, the Sounders have quickly woven an illustrious fabric of accomplishments.

February 24
09:30 pm
February 24, Sat, 09:30 pm
BMO Stadium (formerly Banc of California Stadium) - Los Angeles
March 02
07:58 am
March 02, Sat, 07:58 am
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
March 03
03:30 am
March 03, Sun, 03:30 am
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
March 10
12:00 am
March 10, Sun, 12:00 am
Subaru Park - Chester
March 16
07:30 pm
March 16, Sat, 07:30 pm
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
March 24
02:30 am
March 24, Sun, 02:30 am
PayPal Park (formerly Earthquakes Stadium & Avaya Stadium) - San Jose
March 31
02:30 am
March 31, Sun, 02:30 am
Main Stadium at Dignity Health Sports Park - Complex - Carson
April 07
02:30 am
April 07, Sun, 02:30 am
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
April 14
12:30 am
April 14, Sun, 12:30 am
Toyota Stadium (Dallas) - Frisco
April 21
02:30 am
April 21, Sun, 02:30 am
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle

Sounders Stars: From Past to Present

Over the years, the Sounders have become synonymous with high-caliber players, hailing from all over the globe. One of the first prominent names was Freddie Ljungberg, an accomplished Swedish midfielder, who after making waves at Arsenal, played a pivotal role in Sounders’ early MLS years. Then there was Clint Dempsey, a superstar from Fulham and Tottenham, who electrified the MLS stage with his dazzling footwork and goal-scoring prowess.

And who can forget Obafemi Martins, the former Inter Milan and Newcastle United striker, whose flamboyant style and blistering speed made him a fan favorite? Fast forward to today, and you have the likes of Raúl Ruidíaz and Cristian Roldan, who continue the tradition of on-pitch excellence, carving out their legacies in Seattle.

Tackling Rivals: Inside and Outside MLS

In the world of sports, rivalries add a dash of extra flavor, and Seattle Sounders FC is no stranger to these intense competitions. Within MLS, their heated duels with Portland Timbers and LA Galaxy stand out, with each match being a blockbuster event packed with thrilling moments.

The Sounders have also engaged in spirited contests outside the MLS sphere, competing against international clubs in prestigious tournaments like the CONCACAF Champions League. Fierce battles with clubs like Santos Laguna of Mexico and CD Olimpia from Honduras have helped expand the Sounders’ reputation on the global stage.

Lumen Field: The Heart of the Sounders Experience

Lumen Field, the Sounders’ home since its inception, is a venue that captures the essence of the team and its passionate fans. For an immersive experience, consider securing seats in the Hawks Nest, where ticket prices typically hover around $30. This area offers an unrivaled view of the stadium, and the electricity in the atmosphere is palpable.

Looking for a high-end experience? The Delta Sky360 Club offers premium seating with access to exclusive dining and bar services. With prices starting at around $160, it’s a luxury option that promises comfort and top-notch amenities.

But perhaps, the most exciting place to be is amongst the Emerald City Supporters in the south end of the stadium. Here, tickets generally cost around $45, and you can experience the heart and soul of Sounders’ support, complete with rhythmic chants and towering tifos.

Join the Green and Blue Brigade

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the soccer scene, watching Seattle Sounders FC play is an experience to remember. The thrill of witnessing a breathtaking goal, the collective gasp at a close miss, the communal cheer after a win – it’s all part of the package. So, why wait? Become a part of the vibrant Sounders family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Your seat at Lumen Field is waiting!

Feeling the Power

  • Record-breaking Attendance: Seattle Sounders FC has led the MLS in average attendance every year since their inaugural season in 2009. They consistently fill Lumen Field, with an average of over 40,000 fans attending each home game. They even broke the single-match attendance record in 2019, with 69,274 fans in attendance for a game against the Portland Timbers.
  • Soccer Band: The Sounders FC are the only team in MLS to have an official marching band, known as the ‘Sound Wave’. They play at every home match and lead the ‘March to the Match’ parade an hour before kickoff.
  • First Carbon Neutral Soccer Club in North America: In 2019, Sounders FC announced they were becoming the first carbon-neutral professional soccer club in North America, committed to offsetting all their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Unforgettable Debut: In their first MLS game in 2009, the Sounders defeated New York Red Bulls 3-0, marking a stunning debut in the league.
  • Moniker Origins: The “Sounders” name has a deep history in Seattle, being first used by a professional team in the city in 1974. The current franchise chose to continue the tradition after a public vote in 2008. The name refers to Puget Sound, a complex system of interconnected marine waterways and basins adjacent to Seattle.
  • Community Work: Through their charitable arm, RAVE Foundation, the Sounders have committed to enhancing physical activity and health among underserved youth communities in the greater Seattle area. They build small, accessible soccer fields known as “mini-pitches” in urban areas to provide safe spaces for children to play.
  • First MLS Cup Win: The Sounders secured their first MLS Cup win in 2016 against Toronto FC. The match ended goalless after extra time and went into a penalty shootout, which the Sounders won 5-4.