Charlotte FC

Embarking on its maiden voyage into the Major League Soccer (MLS) waters in 2021, Charlotte FC hasn’t taken long to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with. The team, hailing from the “Queen City,” is now a stronghold on the MLS landscape, thanks to their remarkable displays on the field, crowd-pleasing gameplay, and not to mention, their hard-earned victories.

Starting as an expansion team, the franchise quickly adopted a winning mentality, fast-tracking its way into the league’s elite. The accomplishments of Charlotte FC are a testament to their desire to strive for more, making every season an exciting journey for their growing fanbase.

A Kaleidoscope of Global Talent: Charlotte FC’s Roster

Over the years, Charlotte FC has become a melting pot of international talent. The players’ list reads like a roll call of international stars that have honed their craft in various leagues around the world before donning the vibrant Charlotte colors.

Take our midfield dynamo, for example, who after gracing the English Premier League, found a new home at Charlotte, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Then there’s our defensive wall who, prior to joining the MLS, played in the top tiers of Spanish football, infusing Charlotte FC with a unique flair.

 Friend or Foe: The Rivalries That Fuel the Fire

Rivalries are the lifeblood of soccer, and Charlotte FC is no stranger to intense encounters both inside and outside of MLS. Inside the league, the animosity between Charlotte FC and Atlanta United FC has become a spectacle that fans eagerly anticipate each season. Furthermore, matches against Inter Miami CF are also tantalizing affairs filled with adrenaline and drama.

Beyond the MLS borders, Charlotte FC has faced stiff competition in the CONCACAF Champions League. Encounters against Mexican powerhouse Club America and Costa Rican stalwarts Deportivo Saprissa have added an international dimension to the team’s competitive spirit.

The Heart of the Action: Bank of America Stadium

Nothing screams soccer action louder than a matchday experience at the iconic Bank of America Stadium. This majestic arena, offering 75,523 seats, serves as the pulsating heart of Charlotte FC.

For the supporters seeking a budget-friendly experience, the upper levels (500-550) provide a bird’s eye view of the game for about $25. But if you’re all in for a premium experience, then the Lower Level Sideline sections (131-132 and 111-112) deliver unmatched pitch-side views, typically priced around $65.

And then there’s the ‘jewel in the crown’, the Midfield Club sections (C61-C67) offering plush seating, private entrances, and a supreme view of the action. These top-tier seats go for approximately $160, perfect for those looking to indulge in a VIP soccer experience.

Step into the Roar: Charlotte FC Awaits

With a blend of international stars, pulsating rivalries, and a stadium that puts you in the heart of the action, Charlotte FC is more than just a soccer team. It’s an electrifying experience that keeps on giving. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore soccer fan, there’s something for everyone. So, why not grab a ticket to an upcoming match and step into the roar that is Charlotte FC? We promise you won’t be disappointed!

There is Always More

  • Foundation Story: Charlotte FC is one of the newest teams in the MLS. It was announced as the league’s 30th franchise in December 2019, after a successful bid led by David Tepper, who is also the owner of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL.
  • Club Logo and Colors: The club’s logo and colors hold symbolic meanings. The four-point crown in the logo represents the four wards of Uptown Charlotte. The club’s primary color, ‘Carolina Blue’, pays homage to the wider region, while ‘Black’ and ‘Silver’ reflect the sleek, modern identity of the team.
  • Home Grounds: The Bank of America Stadium, while being the home of Charlotte FC, is also home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. This dual usage presents a unique case of a major soccer team and an NFL team sharing the same home stadium.
  • Team’s Nickname: The team is also commonly referred to as “the Crown” by fans and pundits alike due to the four-point crown symbol in the club’s logo.
  • First Signing: Sergio Ruiz was the first player to be signed by Charlotte FC in July 2020. The Spanish midfielder had previously captained Racing Santander in Spain’s Segunda Division.
  • Community Involvement: Charlotte FC is committed to community service. Their community platform, “Stand For Charlotte,” focuses on areas of need across the Charlotte community. It aims to harness the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and bring positive societal change.