Toronto FC

In the vast and vibrant landscape of Major League Soccer, few teams ignite the passion and spirit of the beautiful game as profoundly as Toronto FC. From their humble beginnings in 2007 as MLS’s first Canadian franchise, to their numerous accolades, Toronto FC has forged an enduring legacy on and off the field, creating an electrifying atmosphere that draws fans from far and wide.

One Club, Many Stars

Over the years, Toronto FC has been a lighthouse in the stormy sea of professional soccer, guiding many noteworthy players toward its shores. Consider the likes of Jermain Defoe, who swapped the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur for Toronto FC in 2014, adding a considerable spark to the team’s attack.

Sebastian Giovinco, the Atomic Ant, is another prominent name in the Toronto FC chronicles. He made a switch from Italian Serie A’s Juventus to dazzle in MLS, winning the Golden Boot and MVP award in 2015. And let’s not forget about Michael Bradley, an illustrious American international who anchored the midfield, weaving his magic straight from Italy’s Roma.

Friendly Competition and Fierce Rivalries

While Toronto FC has had its fair share of internal battles, the club’s external rivalries are just as compelling. Within MLS, the competitive spirit spikes when facing off against the CF Montreal and Vancouver Whitecaps in the Canadian Classique, as these heated affairs are always filled with high-intensity action.

But the rivalry extends beyond the MLS borders. When Toronto FC participates in the CONCACAF Champions League, sparks fly with Mexican heavyweights such as Club America and Tigres UANL, creating transnational footballing drama that leaves supporters on the edge of their seats.

The Electric Atmosphere of BMO Field

BMO Field, the fortress of Toronto FC, is much more than just a stadium. It’s a cauldron of passion, noise, and unwavering support for the Reds. Whether you’re a hardcore supporter or a family looking for a fun outing, BMO Field has a seat for you.

The south end of the stadium, particularly sections 111 to 119, are home to the most ardent supporters. It’s a perfect spot for those seeking an immersive fan experience. Here, ticket prices typically range from $45-$55.

If you’re after a premium experience, the West Stand offers midfield views with the luxury of padded seats and a private concierge in sections 206-210. Prices here are steeper, around $155-$210 per ticket, but the comfort and view make it worth every penny.

For families or fans seeking affordability without sacrificing a good view, the East Stand, especially sections 224-227, are a solid choice. Prices in this area generally range from $35-$45.

Final Whistle

Rooted in a rich history of success and boasting a globally influential set of players, Toronto FC is more than just an MLS club. It’s a Canadian soccer institution with a strong global footprint. Experiencing a game at BMO Field, surrounded by thousands of fellow fans, is a spectacle worth every penny. So, why not grab a ticket for the next game and join the sea of red? An adventure like no other awaits.

Get in Gear

  • Toronto FC was the first Canadian team to win the MLS Cup. They accomplished this feat in 2017, defeating the Seattle Sounders in the final.
  • The team has a very dedicated fanbase known as the “Red Patch Boys”. The group was formed even before Toronto FC played their first MLS game.
  • The name “Toronto FC” was selected by the fans. In 2006, the team’s owners asked the public to help name the team, and “Toronto FC” was the chosen one.
  • Sebastian Giovinco, during his time at Toronto FC, set an MLS record in 2015 for most combined goals and assists in a season.
  • BMO Field, the home ground of Toronto FC, also hosts Canadian Football League games and was the site of the 104th Grey Cup in 2016.
  • Toronto FC has a famous tradition called “the tunnel club”. It’s a premium experience allowing fans to see the players up close in the tunnel before they step onto the pitch.
  • The club’s mascot is a red-crested loon named “Bitchy”. The bird is native to Ontario and was chosen to represent the team’s fierce competitiveness and regional pride.