Set your sights on the picturesque city of La Spezia, home to a football club that brings passion and excitement to Serie A—Spezia Calcio.

The Making of a Serie A Mainstay

Established in 1906, Spezia Calcio spent most of its early existence in the lower tiers of Italian football. But that changed dramatically in the 21st century. The club’s persistent spirit saw them making waves and gradually ascending the ranks, ultimately gaining promotion to Serie A in 2020.

Their first Serie A campaign in the 2020/21 season proved they were no pushovers. Their feisty performances made them a crowd favorite, and they secured their place in Serie A with room to spare.

A Walk Down Player’s Lane

Spezia’s story is also peppered with notable talents that have graced their field and gone on to shine in other parts of the world.

One such example is Matteo Ricci. A midfield dynamo, Ricci graduated from the prestigious Roma academy, spent three seasons at Spezia, and then found his way back to Roma. His journey not only testifies to Spezia’s knack for nurturing talent but also their bridging role in Serie A.

Another player who made an impact is Emmanuel Gyasi. The Ghanaian forward’s contribution to Spezia’s attack has been essential, with his speed and precision causing trouble for many Serie A defenses.

Rivalries: It’s Not Just a Game

With competition as fierce as it is, it’s inevitable that some feathers get ruffled along the way. Spezia has a fierce rivalry with the nearby Genoa and Sampdoria. The regional differences, combined with the heated competition on the pitch, have fueled these rivalries.

Beyond the confines of Serie A, Spezia has also had some memorable clashes with clubs in the Europa League. Battles with the likes of AZ Alkmaar and Standard Liège have kept supporters on the edge of their seats.

Stadio Alberto Picco: An Unforgettable Experience

Home to Spezia Calcio, Stadio Alberto Picco is a beautiful, intimate ground with a capacity of 10,336. The stadium is renowned for its fantastic atmosphere, particularly on matchdays.

For those looking to savor the vibrant atmosphere, the Curva Ferrovia, usually occupied by the most passionate fans, is the place to be. Tickets in this area range from €25 to €35.

For a more relaxed experience, try the Tribuna Centrale. This section offers a fantastic panoramic view of the game and costs between €45 to €65.

Spezia Calcio may be a relatively new face in Serie A, but they’ve shown they’re here to stay. With a rich tapestry of history, a talent-churning player roster, and a stadium that offers an unforgettable experience, there’s no question: Spezia Calcio is a must-watch for any Serie A follower. So grab your ticket, pick your seat, and become part of the Spezia story. The Eagle is ready to soar—will you be there to witness it?

The Pitch isn’t Full Yet

  • During World War II, Spezia’s team, mainly composed of sailors from the local naval base, won the 1944 Coppa Italia.
  • Spezia’s debut season in Serie A was filled with milestones, including their first-ever Serie A victory against Benevento and their first win over a Milan-based club, AC Milan.
  • Luigi Prola is Spezia’s all-time top scorer, netting an impressive 69 goals for the club during the 1930s and early 1940s.
  • Since the 21st century’s start, Spezia Calcio has had over 20 different head coaches, bringing a variety of styles and tactics to the team.
  • The club had to be re-established in 2008 following bankruptcy, but since then, Spezia Calcio has risen through the divisions to take its place in Serie A.