Located in the heart of Lombardy, Monza Football Club’s journey is a testament to the beautiful unpredictability of football. Founded in 1912, Monza spent the lion’s share of its history navigating the labyrinth of lower Italian leagues. However, the dream of making it to Serie A, the Italian football pinnacle, never faded. And the dream became reality in the 2020s, marking a monumental chapter in Monza’s history.

October 02
04:30 pm
October 02, Mon, 04:30 pm
Mapei Stadio - Citta del Tricolore - Reggio Emilia
October 07
01:00 pm
October 07, Sat, 01:00 pm
Stadio Brianteo - Monza
October 22
10:30 am
October 22, Sun, 10:30 am
Stadio Olimpico - Rome
October 28
01:00 pm
October 28, Sat, 01:00 pm
Stadio Brianteo - Monza
November 04
02:00 pm
November 04, Sat, 02:00 pm
Stadio Bentegodi Verona - Verona
November 11
02:00 pm
November 11, Sat, 02:00 pm
Stadio Brianteo - Monza
November 25
02:00 pm
November 25, Sat, 02:00 pm
Unipol Domus (Formerly Sardegna Arena) - Cagliari
December 02
02:00 pm
December 02, Sat, 02:00 pm
Stadio Brianteo - Monza
December 09
02:00 pm
December 09, Sat, 02:00 pm
Stadio Brianteo - Monza
December 16
02:00 pm
December 16, Sat, 02:00 pm
San Siro - Milan

Monza’s Starlit Legacy

Throughout its history, Monza has been a stepping stone for many players who later climbed the rungs of international football. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, now a goal machine for Arsenal and the Gabonese national team, had a brief stint with Monza early in his career.

Davide Zappacosta, another star who strutted his stuff on the Monza stage, went on to represent Italy and play for Chelsea in the English Premier League. Monza’s ability to identify and nurture talent continues to be a shining beacon in their story.

Rivalries That Set the Stage on Fire

Monza’s local rivalries have been the spark that lights the fire of their season. The Lombardy derby against Como is a classic example, with the matches often filled with high-stakes drama.

Their encounters with Pro Sesto and Lecco in the lower leagues are also heated affairs. Outside Italy, while Monza is yet to strut their stuff in competitions like the Champions League, their rise to Serie A puts them on a path to potentially face international heavyweights in the near future.

Brianteo Stadium: The Heart of Monza Passion

The Brianteo Stadium, Monza’s home ground, is a place where football dreams are spun. The Curva Sud, with tickets priced around 25 Euros, is where the heart of Monza beats the loudest, the arena pulsating with the chants of ardent fans.

On the other hand, the Tribuna is where you can catch all the action from a vantage point. This premium experience comes with a price tag of around 56 Euros. For a balanced blend of atmosphere and view, the Distinti section, priced at around 40 Euros, makes a compelling choice.

Monza: A Tale of Tenacity and Triumph

Monza’s journey from humble beginnings to Serie A stardom is an exciting rollercoaster ride in the vast amusement park of Italian football. With its proud tradition of nurturing talents and intense rivalries that keep fans on their toes, Monza offers an exhilarating football experience.

The energy at the Brianteo Stadium is a spectacle in itself, blending the thrill of football with a unique cultural experience. As Monza continues to chart its course in Serie A, the excitement around this club is palpable, making every match an unmissable event for football lovers.

The Final Roll Call

  • Legendary Ownership: Former AC Milan executives Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani took over the ownership of Monza in 2018. They have brought their extensive experience and a winning mentality to the club, fueling its recent rise to Serie A.
  • Historic Promotion: Monza’s promotion to Serie A in the 2020-21 season was the first time in the club’s over 100-year history that they reached the top tier of Italian football.
  • Close Proximity to AC Milan and Inter Milan: Given Monza’s location in Lombardy, the club is situated very close to the home grounds of Italian giants AC Milan and Inter Milan. This geographical closeness can lead to some very interesting dynamics!
  • Coach Christian Brocchi: Monza’s coach, Christian Brocchi, is a former AC Milan player and has been instrumental in the team’s recent success. His playing experience at the highest level provides valuable insights to the team.
  • One of the Oldest Clubs in Italy: Founded in 1912, Monza is one of the oldest football clubs in Italy. Despite their recent rise, they have a long and rich history in the sport.
  • Nickname: Monza is often referred to as “I Biancorossi” (The White and Reds) because of their traditional white and red kit colors. They are also called “Il Monza,” meaning “The Monza,” by their fans and the Italian press.