Inter Milan

Inter Milan, or Internazionale, is a treasure chest of football history, teeming with vibrant colors and echoing the rhapsodies of its passionate fans. This pride of Milan has spent its entire 115-year history in Serie A, Italy’s top-flight football. Nicknamed “Nerazzurri” for their distinctive blue and black stripes, Inter is one of the few clubs never to taste the bitterness of relegation.

Their repertoire is nothing short of impressive. Celebrating 19 Serie A titles, 7 Coppa Italia trophies, and 5 Supercoppa Italiana victories, they have left an indelible mark on Italian football. Their accomplishments cross national borders too, with 3 UEFA Champions League titles and a FIFA Club World Cup in their cabinet.

August 18
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August 18, Sun, 01:00 pm
Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris - Genoa
August 24
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August 24, Sat, 06:45 pm
San Siro - Milan
September 01
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September 01, Sun, 06:45 pm
San Siro - Milan
September 15
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September 15, Sun, 01:00 pm
Stadio Brianteo - Monza
September 22
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September 22, Sun, 01:00 pm
San Siro - Milan
September 29
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September 29, Sun, 01:00 pm
Stadio Friuli - Udine
October 06
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October 06, Sun, 01:00 pm
San Siro - Milan
October 20
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October 20, Sun, 01:00 pm
Stadio Olimpico - Rome
October 27
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October 27, Sun, 03:00 pm
San Siro - Milan
October 30
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October 30, Wed, 08:00 pm
Stadio Carlo Castellani - Empoli

Inter’s Parade of Stars

Inter Milan has been a nexus for football talents from all corners of the globe. From Giuseppe Meazza, a beacon in the 1930s and the man for whom their home stadium is named, to the phenomenal Ronaldo, affectionately known as “Il Fenomeno”, who dazzled in the late ’90s, the club’s roster is studded with stars.

Argentine striker Hernan Crespo brought flair from the River Plate, weaving magic on the pitch and netting crucial goals. He was as spectacular in his time at Chelsea in the Premier League, proving his versatility. Then there’s Zlatan Ibrahimović, whose robust performances for Inter Milan earned him a move to Barcelona in Spain. From the Dutch playmaker Wesley Sneijder, who left his mark at Real Madrid, to the ruggedly efficient Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, who found his fame at Juventus, Inter has been a revolving door of international talents.

Rivalry Tango: Friendships Forged in Fire

Football rivalries are often the soul of the game, and Inter Milan’s rivalries are tales woven into the fabric of football history. First up, the “Derby della Madonnina,” a city rivalry with AC Milan, has given fans countless electrifying moments. Their shared home ground, San Siro, splits into two during these high-voltage fixtures, turning the city into a thrilling battlefield.

In Serie A, Inter’s games against Juventus, known as the “Derby d’Italia”, have always been fiercely contested affairs. Their competitiveness escalates to extraordinary heights, often determining the course of the league.

Internationally, the Nerazzurri’s clashes with Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League have produced some classic showdowns, pitting some of the best footballing talents against each other in a spectacular display of the sport.

The San Siro Sojourn: The Home of Football

The San Siro, officially known as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, is an iconic landmark, synonymous with Inter Milan. With a seating capacity of over 75,000, it’s a cathedral of football where dreams take flight.

For budget-conscious supporters, the second-tier ‘Blue’ sections offer views of the game starting from €45, providing a thrilling ambience without breaking the bank. If you’re eager for a closer encounter, the ‘Red’ sections near the halfway line offer splendid views, with prices starting at around €80.

For the ultimate luxurious experience, the ‘SkyBox’ or ‘Tribuna Onore’ offers the finest views along with top-notch hospitality services. Prices for these premium seats start from €275 but can skyrocket during high-stakes matches.

Inter Milan is more than a football club. It’s a melting pot of cultures, a theatre of dreams, and an epitome of passion and determination. As we continue to witness its trajectory, it serves as a radiant beacon, guiding the future of football.

The Style of Styles

  • Origins of the Club: Inter Milan was founded in 1908 following a split from the Milan Cricket and Football Club (now AC Milan). The split occurred due to a disagreement over the signing of foreign players, which is why the club is called “Internazionale,” symbolizing openness and welcoming of players outside of Italy.
  • The Treble: In the 2009-2010 season, under the management of José Mourinho, Inter Milan achieved a historic treble, winning the Serie A, Coppa Italia, and UEFA Champions League. They were the first Italian club to achieve this feat.
  • Iconic Stripes: The club’s iconic black and blue stripes are said to represent the night and the sky, respectively. According to one interpretation, they symbolize the players’ dedication to playing “under the sky and under the starlight.”
  • Stadium Sharing: Inter Milan and AC Milan are among the few major football clubs globally that share a stadium – the San Siro. The stadium is officially named “Giuseppe Meazza” after the legendary Inter player, but it’s commonly referred to as the San Siro, based on the district it’s located in.
  • Superior Goal Scoring: Inter Milan holds the record for most goals scored in a Serie A season. During the 1949-50 season, the Nerazzurri scored an astonishing 107 goals.
  • Fan Base: Inter Milan has a massive global fan base and is one of the most supported clubs in the world. Notably, the club has a particularly large following in China, following its acquisition by the Suning Holdings Group in 2016.