Grab a hearty serving of pasta, and a glass of fine Italian wine, and buckle up. We’re taking a joyful, jolting journey into the heart and soul of Italian football, the captivating Cremonese.

February 24
02:00 pm
February 24, Sat, 02:00 pm
Stadio Giovanni Zini - Cremona
February 27
02:00 pm
February 27, Tue, 02:00 pm
Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris - Genoa
March 09
02:00 pm
March 09, Sat, 02:00 pm
Stadio Giovanni Zini - Cremona
April 01
04:00 pm
April 01, Mon, 04:00 pm
Stadio Giovanni Zini - Cremona
April 06
12:00 pm
April 06, Sat, 12:00 pm
Stadio San Nicola - Bari
April 13
01:00 pm
April 13, Sat, 01:00 pm
Stadio Giovanni Zini - Cremona
April 20
01:00 pm
April 20, Sat, 01:00 pm
Ceravolo Stadium - Catanzaro
April 27
12:00 pm
April 27, Sat, 12:00 pm
Stadium Pier Luigi Penzo - Venezia
May 01
06:30 pm
May 01, Wed, 06:30 pm
Stadio Giovanni Zini - Cremona
May 04
01:00 pm
May 04, Sat, 01:00 pm
Stadio Ennio Tardini - Parma

A Spirited Journey through Serie A

Cremonese, officially known as Unione Sportiva Cremonese, holds a special place in the pulsating world of Italian football. Founded in 1903, the Maroons, as they are fondly called, have made their mark in Serie A with notable accomplishments. It’s a rollercoaster tale of triumph, tears, and tenacity, with Cremonese regularly oscillating between Serie A and lower leagues.

The peak of their prowess came in the 1991-92 season when they surprised many by finishing 7th in Serie A, a feat celebrated by fans and critics alike. But Cremonese isn’t just about past glory; they continue to carve out new tales of grit and glamour on the pitch today.

Superstars and Stalwarts: Cremonese’s Prodigal Sons

Cremonese has served as a grooming ground for some of the game’s finest players. Italian legend Enrico Chiesa began his illustrious career at Cremonese, before moving on to clubs like Parma and Fiorentina, leaving his mark in Serie A and the Champions League.

Cremonese also gave wings to the sparkling career of one-time Barcelona man and Uruguayan star, Fabián O’Neill. His dazzling performances lit up the Giovanni Zini Stadium, his memories forever etched in the hearts of Cremonese supporters.

The Unyielding Rivalries: Friendships Forged in Fire

Football rivalries are more than just fixtures on a calendar. For Cremonese, they’re annual affairs of pride and passion, with Mantova and Brescia serving as the team’s traditional adversaries in Serie A.

Outside of Serie A, the team’s outings against Torino in the Coppa Italia have become marquee fixtures, sparking a rivalry that adds a new dimension to the game. Cremonese has also faced English giants Manchester United in the past, during the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, creating a buzz that transcends leagues and borders.

Giovanni Zini Stadium: A Fortress of Fervour

Nestled in the city of Cremona, the Giovanni Zini Stadium is a beacon of the team’s indomitable spirit. With a capacity of just over 20,000, the arena ensures fans are always close to the action, making every game an intimate affair.

The Curva Sud, known for its vibrant atmosphere, is an ideal place for passionate supporters, offering tickets at approximately €25. If you’re looking for a more serene viewing experience, try the Tribuna Est. Though more expensive at around €55, it provides a panoramic view of the pitch. For the ultimate luxurious experience, the Palco Onore, priced at around €210, offers VIP treatment and an unbeatable view.

The Game Goes On

Cremonese’s journey through Serie A is far from over. With a legacy steeped in resilience and a future sparkling with promise, the Maroons continue to enthrall and entertain. With a passionate fan base, illustrious alumni, and a fortress-like stadium, Cremonese remains a beloved piece of Italy’s vibrant football tapestry.

There is More

  • Nickname: Grigiorossi: Cremonese is also known as “Grigiorossi”, which translates to “Grey-Reds”. The name derives from the team’s distinctive grey and red striped jerseys which are unique in the world of football.
  • First Time in Serie A: Cremonese first reached Serie A in the 1984-85 season. It was a proud moment for the club, marking their arrival at the pinnacle of Italian football.
  • Coppa Italia Triumph: In the 1992-93 season, Cremonese pulled off an incredible feat by winning the Coppa Italia. This remains one of the greatest achievements in the club’s history.
  • Youth Development: Cremonese has a reputation for having one of the most productive youth academies in Italy. The academy has produced several players who have gone on to have successful careers in Serie A and beyond.
  • Famous Supporters: The team has some well-known supporters, including famous Italian musician Ezio Bosso, who often expressed his love for the team.
  • Resilience: Despite suffering relegation from Serie A multiple times, Cremonese has always shown incredible resilience. They’ve repeatedly fought their way back to the top, exemplifying the never-say-die spirit that the club embodies.
  • FIFA World Cup Connections: Cremonese has had multiple players represent their countries in the FIFA World Cup, further showcasing the club’s ability to attract and develop world-class talent. Some notable names include Fabio Cannavaro, who played for Cremonese on loan during his early career and went on to captain Italy to their World Cup win in 2006.