Norwich City

Since its establishment in 1902, Norwich City, fondly known as the Canaries, has fluttered between the top tiers of English football, offering a series of highs and lows that makes their journey an exciting rollercoaster ride. While Premier League glory might not be in their trophy cabinet, they have secured the EFL Championship title on three occasions, most recently in the 2020/2021 season, demonstrating their determination to keep fighting.

Canaries in Flight: Notable Norwich Alumni

Norwich City has seen a host of players pass through its ranks, many of whom have left for clubs across the globe. One such name is James Maddison, the creative playmaker who has been making waves at Leicester City. Goalkeeper Angus Gunn, once part of the Norwich setup, has made appearances for teams in the Premier League and is currently playing his trade at Stoke City.

Ruffling Feathers: The Canaries’ Rivalries

Norwich City’s most passionate rivalry is with Ipswich Town, their East Anglian neighbors. The clashes, known as the East Anglian Derby or ‘Old Farm’, are among the most fiercely contested matches in the football calendar.

In terms of Premier League rivalries, games against Aston Villa and Watford have garnered attention due to their competitive nature and the teams’ similar competitive levels. While not frequent contenders in the Champions League or other international competitions, Norwich City’s bouts against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup during the ’90s are etched in the annals of the club’s history.

Experience Carrow Road: The Canaries’ Nest

Carrow Road, the home of Norwich City since 1935, provides a close-knit and passionate football environment. Its structure ensures there’s not a bad view in the house, though each stand offers a unique match-day experience.

The Barclay Stand, usually priced between £35-£45, is where you’ll find Norwich’s most vocal fans, creating a vibrant atmosphere that reverberates around the ground. The River End, with similar pricing, offers a fantastic view of the pitch and is popular among local fans.

The South Stand or the Geoffrey Watling City Stand provides a comprehensive view of the pitch and is usually priced between £55-£65. The luxurious hospitality options are housed here, including the Top of the Terrace and the 1935 Club, offering top-tier comfort, exceptional service, and prices beginning from £110.

Be a Part of the Canary Song

There’s a unique charm to watching Norwich City live. The spirited play, the sea of yellow and green, the thrilling chant of ‘On The Ball, City’ – these are moments that every football fan should experience. Secure your tickets today and immerse yourself in the passion, excitement, and unity that makes Norwich City more than just a football club. Let your voice join the Canaries’ chorus as it echoes around Carrow Road!

The Games are so Much Fun

  • First English Champions League Win in Germany: In 1993, Norwich became the first English club to win at Bayern Munich’s ground in a UEFA competition.
  • Goalscoring Legends: Johnny Gavin holds the record for the most goals scored for Norwich City, netting 122 goals for the club. The record for the most goals in a season belongs to Ralph Hunt, who scored an impressive 31 goals in the 1955-56 season.
  • Team Colors: The club’s colors, yellow and green, are inspired by the city’s emblem, which features a canary. The team was originally known as the Citizens.
  • Young Talent: Norwich City prides itself on nurturing young talent. The club’s youth academy, known as the Academy at Norwich City, has produced players who have gone on to play in the Premier League and represent their countries at the international level.
  • One of the Oldest Football Songs: The club’s anthem, “On the Ball, City,” is considered one of the oldest football songs in the world.
  • Community Club: The Canaries are well known for their community work. The Community Sports Foundation, an independent charity, uses the power of sport to improve people’s lives in the region.
  • Record Attendance: The record attendance at Carrow Road is 43,984 for an FA Cup match against Leicester City in 1963.
  • Unique Celebration: The players and fans of Norwich City have a unique way of celebrating goals – the ‘Poznan’ celebration, where fans turn their backs to the pitch, link arms, and jump up and down in unison.
  • Iconic Mascot: Captain Canary, the club’s official mascot, has been entertaining fans at Carrow Road for years.
  • Well-traveled Support: The club has a reputation for having dedicated supporters who travel far and wide to watch their team play, even in the harshest of weather conditions.