Leicester City

Welcome to the fascinating universe of Leicester City, an English Premier League team that transformed from an underdog into a football sensation.

A Remarkable Journey: The Leicester City Saga

Established in 1884, Leicester City joined the ranks of the English Premier League in 1994. Since then, they’ve been quite the rollercoaster ride. Known as the Foxes, their crowning glory was undoubtedly the 2015-2016 season, when they clinched the EPL Championship in a true Cinderella story, turning football logic on its head.

The Foxes’ Den: Legends and Heroes

Leicester City has been the stepping stone for numerous legendary players. Icons such as England striker Gary Lineker and the electrifying Emile Heskey began their illustrious careers here. Muzzy Izzet, a stalwart in midfield, had successful spells both at Leicester City and later in his career at Birmingham City.

Today’s squad is no less talented. Players like Jamie Vardy, who had an unconventional journey from non-league football to Premier League stardom, and James Maddison, who previously played for Norwich City, keep the Foxes’ fighting spirit alive.

The Hunt is On: Leicester’s Thrilling Rivalries

In the domestic circuit, the Foxes have a storied rivalry with Nottingham Forest and Derby County, known collectively as the East Midlands Derby. These feisty encounters are marked by high-intensity and passionate displays of football.

Internationally, in the UEFA Champions League, Leicester City had some enthralling encounters during their 2016-17 campaign. Teams like Atletico Madrid and Club Brugge gave them competitive matches that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The King Power Stadium: The Foxes’ Fortress

Experience the thrill of football at the King Power Stadium, a modern arena with a buzzing atmosphere. With a capacity of over 32,000, every match is a unique spectacle.

For fans looking for budget-friendly options, the Family Stand offers tickets starting from around £35, giving an affordable taste of the Leicester City experience. For a more premium view of the game, the West Stand offers tickets from around £55 to £85, placing fans right at the heart of the action.

Don’t Miss Out: Join the Foxes on Their Hunt!

With a fascinating history and a promising future, now is the perfect time to witness Leicester City in action. Their matches are a testament to the unpredictable and beautiful game that is football.

So, why wait? Grab a ticket to their next game and join the legion of fans cheering for the Foxes. Experience the euphoria of goals, the tension of near-misses, and the camaraderie of shared triumph. Welcome to the Leicester City journey – it’s going to be an unforgettable ride!

Hit the Road with a Win

  • 5000 to 1 Odds: At the start of the 2015-2016 season, bookmakers gave Leicester City a 5000 to 1 shot of winning the Premier League. This was considered less likely than Kim Kardashian becoming the US President! But in a turn of events, the Foxes did the unthinkable and clinched the title, creating one of the biggest upsets in sports history.
  • Leicester’s Golden Boot Winner: Jamie Vardy won the Premier League Golden Boot for the 2019-2020 season. He became the oldest player to win the award at the age of 33, scoring 23 goals.
  • The Miracle of Bangkok: Leicester City’s miraculous Premier League win is attributed in part to a spiritual ceremony performed by Thai monks at the King Power Stadium in 2016. The club’s owner, the late Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, was a firm believer in the power of these rituals.
  • In Memory of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha: After the tragic loss of the club’s beloved owner in a helicopter crash in 2018, Leicester City dedicated their 2018-19 season to him. They commemorated his memory by wearing special shirts with his name embroidered for their first home match after the accident.
  • FA Cup Glory: Leicester City won their first-ever FA Cup in the 2020-2021 season, beating Chelsea 1-0 in the final. It was a historic moment for the club, having previously reached the finals four times without success.
  • Leicester City Women’s Team: The club’s women’s team, Leicester City Women, earned promotion to the FA Women’s Super League for the first time in 2021 after winning the Championship. They are committed to promoting and developing women’s football.