Brentford Football Club, known to fans far and wide as the “Bees”, is a team with a rich history, a tenacious spirit, and a passionate following. Founded in 1889, Brentford spent the majority of its existence in the lower divisions of English football, until they tasted the sweet success of promotion to the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2020-2021 season. Their debut campaign in the top flight saw them holding their own, proving that the Bees were here to buzz with the best.

Bees Stars: Past and Present

Brentford has been a stepping stone for many players who’ve gone on to shine on the world stage. Take Neal Maupay, for example. He made a significant impact with his goal-scoring prowess before joining fellow EPL side Brighton & Hove Albion.

Current squad members such as Ivan Toney have also made their mark. Toney, an extraordinary striker, was crucial in the Bees’ successful promotion campaign, breaking the EFL Championship scoring record in the process.

Hive of Rivalries

In football, rivalries are as inherent as the ball itself. Brentford’s fierce rivals include Queens Park Rangers and Fulham, encounters known as the ‘West London Derby’. The clashes between these sides are highly anticipated, bringing an electric atmosphere.

While Brentford has yet to grace the pitches of the UEFA Champions League against international giants, their promotion to the EPL has them one step closer to facing the likes of Paris Saint-Germain or Barcelona.

The Buzz at the Gtech Community Stadium

The Gtech Community Stadium, Brentford’s home since 2020, boasts a capacity of over 17,000. A hive of activity on match days, the ground offers a range of seating options for every type of fan.

The New Road Stand, where prices often start from £35, offers a great mix of atmosphere and affordability. If you’re after premium views, the East Stand provides a perfect vantage point with prices typically starting at £45.

For those who prefer an all-inclusive luxury experience, the Legends Lounge and the Dugout offer fantastic hospitality packages, with prices starting from £110 and £260 respectively.

Be a Part of the Brentford Buzz

There’s something truly magical about being part of a Brentford match day. The stadium comes alive with the hum of anticipation, the roar of the crowd, and the echo of thousands chanting in unison. So why wait? Be a part of the next big game and experience first-hand the thrill of the EPL.

Whether you’re a seasoned supporter or a football fan looking for a new team to cheer on, Brentford FC is an exciting prospect. The team’s spirit, the camaraderie among fans, and the unique atmosphere at the Gtech Community Stadium all combine to provide an unforgettable footballing experience.

Grab a ticket and join the hive of Bees fans, because at Brentford, every matchday buzzes with the thrill of the beautiful game.

There is More Information

  • Brentford’s Near-Dissolution: Back in 1967, a proposed merger with QPR was on the cards which would’ve effectively led to Brentford’s dissolution. But due to fan protests, the merger was dropped, saving the club.
  • Unique Badges: Brentford’s badge has undergone several changes, with some featuring a bee and some a red and white striped shield. However, one of the most unique badges was the design from 1972-1975, which interestingly featured a red deer on it.
  • Innovative Scouting System: Brentford has garnered a reputation for its smart recruitment. In 2016, the club abolished its traditional academy system, choosing to focus on a B team that plays games against a wide range of opponents. This allows them to find and develop talent in a different way than most clubs.
  • Community Stadium: The Gtech Community Stadium is a state-of-the-art venue that was completed in 2020. The stadium not only hosts football matches but also rugby matches for the London Irish team.
  • Longest Serving Manager: Harry Curtis is the longest-serving manager in Brentford’s history, having been at the helm for 23 years from 1926 to 1949. He led the club to its highest-ever finish in the football league – 5th in the First Division in 1936.
  • Denmark’s Influence: There is a strong Danish influence at Brentford. Matthew Benham, the club’s owner, also owns the Danish club FC Midtjylland. This relationship has seen several players and staff members move between the two clubs.
  • Pioneering Women’s Team: The Brentford FC Women’s team is one of the oldest in England and has been competing since 1986. The team plays in the Greater London Women’s Football League and has enjoyed a number of successful seasons.