As the passion and pride of the Rhône-Alpes region, Olympique Lyonnais, fondly known as Lyon, carries a storied history that has made it a mainstay in France’s top-flight football, Ligue 1. Over the years, Lyon has garnered a reputation for producing world-class talent, fostering fiery rivalries, and offering exhilarating match experiences at the famed Groupama Stadium.

A Storied History in Ligue 1

Founded in 1950, Lyon quickly cemented its place in French football, making a leap to Ligue 1 just a decade later. The club has enjoyed seven Ligue 1 titles, all won consecutively from 2002 to 2008, a testament to its enduring strength. This unmatched streak truly demonstrated the power and dominance of Lyon, establishing it as a force to be reckoned with in French football.

Stars that Shone Bright

Lyon has proven to be a fertile ground for nurturing some of the finest talents in football history. From the scintillating skills of Juninho Pernambucano, who graced the team with his mastery of free kicks, to Karim Benzema, who emerged from Lyon’s youth academy to become a global superstar, Lyon’s player pedigree is impressive.

Not to forget the indomitable Alexandre Lacazette, whose potent goal-scoring prowess earned him a place in Lyon’s Hall of fame, or the creativity and vision of Miralem Pjanić. These players, among others, are a testament to Lyon’s commitment to nurturing and promoting talent.

Rivalries that Fuel the Fire

The intense rivalries of Lyon add another layer to the team’s vibrant character. The most notable of these is the “Derby du Rhône” against Saint-Étienne. The clash between these neighboring clubs fuels an intense atmosphere that has persisted for decades.

Then there’s the rivalry with Paris Saint-Germain, often characterized as a battle of financial muscle versus homegrown talent. Each meeting between these two giants is a spectacle of high-quality football.

Outside Ligue 1, the competition with Besiktas from Turkey has also taken an interesting turn. Stemming from an incident-filled Europa League match in 2017, games against Besiktas have since become highly charged affairs, both on and off the pitch.

The Fortress: Groupama Stadium

Inaugurated in 2016, the Groupama Stadium, with a seating capacity of 59,186, has played host to countless unforgettable moments. The stadium’s design prioritizes the spectator experience, with every seat providing a clear view of the pitch.

In terms of seating, the most coveted spots are in the lower central sections (Sections 105 & 106), offering an up-close view of the action. These prime seats typically cost around €70 per game. For a budget-friendly option, seats in the corners of the upper tier (Sections 420 to 423) offer a panoramic view of the stadium for as low as €35.

With a rich history in Ligue 1, a legacy of legendary players, gripping rivalries, and electric home ground in the Groupama Stadium, Olympique Lyonnais truly encapsulates the spirit of French football. Be it the thrill of a derby day, the marvel at witnessing rising stars or the cheer echoing through the stadium, a journey with Lyon is a journey through the heart of football.

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  • Unique Ownership Model: In 2007, Lyon became the first football club on the French stock exchange, demonstrating a unique blend of sports and business that sets it apart from many other football institutions.
  • Women’s Team Dominance: The Lyon women’s team is one of the most successful in women’s football. They’ve won the UEFA Women’s Champions League a record seven times as of my knowledge cutoff in 2021.
  • Academy Excellence: The club’s training center, the Centre Tola Vologe, is renowned for producing top-notch talent. It has been consistently ranked as one of the best youth academies not just in France, but in the world.
  • Environmental Leadership: The Groupama Stadium is a model of sustainability, featuring rainwater recovery systems, photovoltaic panels, and locally-sourced food in its concessions. It was the first stadium in France to receive the “ISO 20121” certification for responsible event management.
  • Mascot: Lyon’s mascot, a lion named “Lyou”, is a popular figure during home games and club events. The lion is symbolic of the city of Lyon, drawing from the city’s name and coat of arms.
  • Club Anthem: The club’s anthem, “Allez Lyon,” is a key part of the club’s identity and culture. The song, written by local musician Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, is belted out by fans before the start of every home game at Groupama Stadium.