Real Sociedad

Nestled in the picturesque city of San Sebastián, Real Sociedad de Fútbol is a club that beautifully embodies Basque passion and pride. Real Sociedad has been a fixture in LaLiga, the top tier of Spanish football, boasting a rich history and a vibrant football culture.

September 30
07:00 pm
September 30, Sat, 07:00 pm
Estadio Anoeta - San Sebastian
October 03
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October 03, Tue, 04:45 pm
Red Bull Arena, Salzburg - Siezenheim
October 08
01:00 pm
October 08, Sun, 01:00 pm
Wanda Metropolitano - Madrid
October 22
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October 22, Sun, 01:00 pm
Estadio Anoeta - San Sebastian
October 24
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October 24, Tue, 07:00 pm
Estádio da Luz - Lisboa
October 29
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October 29, Sun, 02:00 pm
Estadio de Vallecas - Madrid
November 05
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November 05, Sun, 02:00 pm
Estadio Anoeta - San Sebastian
November 08
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November 08, Wed, 05:45 pm
Estadio Anoeta - San Sebastian
November 12
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November 12, Sun, 02:00 pm
Estadio de los Juegos Mediterraneos - Almería
November 26
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November 26, Sun, 02:00 pm
Estadio Anoeta - San Sebastian

La Real’s LaLiga Journey

Since its establishment in 1909, Real Sociedad has carved an illustrious path in LaLiga. The club has enjoyed its fair share of highs, most notably in the early 1980s when it clinched the LaLiga title back-to-back in 1981 and 1982. Despite experiencing a few seasons outside the top division, the ‘Txuri-urdin’ (the White and Blues) have always bounced back, a testament to their resilience and grit.

Showcasing Sociedad’s Stars

Real Sociedad has been a launching pad for numerous football talents who have left their mark on the club, LaLiga, and beyond.

Xabi Alonso, the deep-lying playmaker, began his professional career at Real Sociedad before moving on to shine for Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich.

Antoine Griezmann, the French forward known for his agility and goal-scoring prowess, also had a defining stint with Real Sociedad before starring for Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

Mikel Oyarzabal, a homegrown talent, has been a driving force in Real Sociedad’s recent success. His leadership and football acumen make him a player to watch.

Rivalries: Friendships Tested on the Pitch

Real Sociedad’s fiercest rivalry is undoubtedly with Athletic Bilbao, another Basque club. Their encounters, known as the ‘Basque Derby,’ are fiercely competitive yet characterized by mutual respect and shared Basque pride.

The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona, two giants of Spanish football, has also produced memorable and exciting matches throughout the years.

Internationally, the club’s matches against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League have drawn significant interest, with the English team often providing stiff competition.

Estadio Reale Arena: An Unforgettable Football Experience

The Estadio Reale Arena, renovated in 2019, is the fortress of Real Sociedad. With a capacity of around 40,200, it offers a top-notch football experience, combining modern amenities with a passionate atmosphere.

For a luxurious experience, consider the ‘Tribuna Este’ section, offering a panoramic view of the pitch, with ticket prices around €125.

For a blend of comfort and affordability, ‘Tribuna Principal’ or ‘Tribuna Oeste’ are excellent choices, with prices ranging from €65 to €85.

Want to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere created by the most passionate Real Sociedad supporters? Look no further than the ‘Fondo Norte’ section. The tickets here are around €45, and the experience is invigorating.

Real Sociedad offers more than just football; it’s a heartfelt celebration of Basque culture and community spirit. From its history and star players to intense rivalries and the incredible atmosphere at Estadio Reale Arena, the club exemplifies the beauty and passion of Spanish football. Visiting the Reale Arena, you are not just a spectator but part of a proud and passionate community.

Wrapping it Up

  • Homegrown Talent: Real Sociedad has a strong commitment to developing homegrown talent. The club operates a ‘cantera’ policy, preferring to nurture talents from its academy or those of Basque origin rather than spend big on transfers.
  • Refusing to Conform: During the Franco regime, the club was forced to drop the ‘Real’ from its name and was known as ‘Sociedad Deportiva Donostia’ until Franco’s death in 1975, after which it regained its royal title.
  • Basque Bond: The club’s rivalry with Athletic Bilbao, despite being intense on the pitch, is friendly off it. This is largely due to their shared Basque identity and mutual respect.
  • Historic Comeback: In the 1987-88 season, Real Sociedad completed one of the most remarkable comebacks in Spanish football history. They were trailing 0-4 to Atletico Madrid at halftime but ended up winning the match 5-4.
  • Historic Record: Goalkeeper Luis Arconada holds the club record for most appearances, having played 551 matches between 1973 and 1989.
  • Female Power: Real Sociedad’s women’s team is also quite successful and won the Copa de la Reina, Spain’s premier women’s football competition, in 2019.
  • A Home Among Homes: The club’s ground, Estadio Reale Arena, was one of the first stadiums in Europe to install under-soil heating.
  • On the Silver Screen: Real Sociedad was featured in the 2021 Amazon Prime documentary series “Six Dreams: Back to Win,” which focused on the 2019-20 LaLiga season.